Fitness Tip

Arthritis Sufferers Can Benefit From Exercise


Arthritis sufferers often think that exercise is out of the question because of their condition.  Studies, however, have shown that exercise is an essential part of arthritis management.  Joint pain and muscle weakness, two hallmarks of arthritis, lead to loss of joint motion and muscle strength.  Inactivity can also lead to these losses.  If a person with arthritis is inactive, it compounds motion and strength losses.  Unfortunately, these losses result in a decreased ability to carry out daily functions.  At first an arthritis sufferer may have problems opening a jar or getting out of a chair.  Over a period of time, the loss of function can become more serious, leaving a person unable to dress without help.

“When consulting with arthritis sufferers, I find they have a fear of exercise. They worry that exercise will increase their pain or damage their joints”, states Colleen Daily, owner of Daily Fitness.  “Actually the effects of appropriate exercise are just the opposite.  Exercise results in less pain, both when a person is at rest and during normal activities, and it can slow loss of function.  The disease process of arthritis is not accelerated by exercise,  in fact it can be decreased.  Fatigue is often cited as a reason for not exercising.  But the truth is exercise will result in increased energy over time.”

The American College of Sports medicine has developed exercise guidelines for healthy older adults.  These guidelines are applicable, with some modifications for arthritis sufferers.  The traditional components of an exercise program include aerobic, strength, and flexibility training. “We incorporate all three of these in our customized Daily Fitness programs.” states Colleen.  Our personal trainers use an assessment test with each individual to determine strengths and weaknesses.  From there, they build a program that addresses the areas that need improvement.”  To schedule a free personal training consultations, or find out more about Daily Fitness services, call 623-256-7901.