Fitness Tip

Exercise Can Improve The Effects Of Aging


“Dealing with the physiological effects of an aging body can be a challenge,” notes Colleen Daily, Athletic Trainer and owner of Daily Fitness.  “Our Personal Trainers work one-on-one with people to defy the aging process and improve overall quality of life.  Changes in body shape and appearance are inevitable as we age, but lifestyle priorities can dramatically affect the progression of these changes.  That’s why some seniors in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s have physiques that compete with young adult and middle aged counterparts.  These seniors have discovered that prioritizing exercise and weight management can benefit their overall physical well being.”

Research shows that all body parts are affected by the aging process – muscles, bones, tissue and organs.  In fact, all body parts change drastically if preventative actions aren’t taken.  As we age, the proportion of body fat can increase up to 30% and be allocated to the abdominal area.  Muscle mass decreases at the rate of 2% annually, after age 55.  Bones lose minerals and become less dense.  People typically lose about 1 cm in height every ten years after age 40.  The loss is even greater after age 70.  A senior can expect to lose a total of 1-3 inches in height, as part of the aging process.  Men typically gain weight until about age 55, and women gain until age 65, due in part to a decrease of testosterone and estrogen.  Weight loss and gain varies from person to person.  Diet and exercise play a big role in age related changes.  According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, most people will experience a change in posture and gait, as they age.  The loss of muscle mass in the legs and changes in body shape can have adverse effects on balance, contributing to falls.  Coordination, although directed by the brain, is affected by age related changes in the muscles and the joints.  Weakness and slowed movement are direct results of physiological changes in muscles, bones and joints.  

With all of these body changes, the aging process may seem a little overwhelming and discouraging.  But hope certainly is available, according to Colleen Daily.  “The best line of defense to aging is a comprehensive exercise program that addresses muscle strength, bone & joint health, balance & coordination, flexibility & endurance, cardiovascular strength and weight management”, states Colleen Daily.  “Feeling good and looking good takes work – it requires discipline and perseverance.  It’s a challenge that’s well worth the effort. And, it can be a lot of fun! Putting your body through one hour of serious exercise a day can make the other twenty-three hours of the day feel great!”  To schedule a free Personal Training Consultation with Daily Fitness call 623-256-7901.