Fitness Tip

Maintaining Quality of Life Requires Exercise


Quality-of-life is all about doing the things we want to do, without pain or discomfort, for as long as we possibly can.  This will depend, to a large extent, on how well we maintain our level of personal fitness.  Strength, endurance and flexibility are required to handle personal needs, household tasks, and social and recreational activities. As average life expectancy increases, staying  active, mobile and independent becomes more important. 

Very few careers or household/social activities these days provide enough energy expenditure to meet a person’s physical activity needs.  Pushing a button to open the garage door, rolling a trash can out to the curb, or driving through an automated car wash, contribute little to physical strength, health, and functional mobility.  The good news is that much of the usual age-related decline in physical ability is preventable and even reversible through proper attention to fitness levels and exercise activity. To maintain “quality-of-life” requires a regular exercise program - one that includes strength training, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility work. 

Daily Fitness professionals are experts at designing such a program.  Personal trainers assess a client’s needs, goals and medical issues, and then tailor programs accordingly. Clients learn to use exercise equipment safely and effectively for maximum results. To find out more about Daily Fitness services, call 623-256-7901.