Fitness Tip

Sugar Interferes With  Good Health


Seductive and sweet, sugar is more a drug than it is a good – a poison to our bodies.  While quickly adding pounds of fat to our bodies (because of blood sugar spikes), sugar slowly robs us of many nutrients, having long range effects on overall good health.

 There is absolutely no nutritional value in refined sugar.  Our bodies need only the equivalent of two teaspoons of glucose in the blood at any given time for maintaining normal body functions.  The average American consumes 32 teaspoons of sugar, in some refined form, per day.  Every extra teaspoon of sugar in a refined form works to throw our bodies out of balance and compromises good health.  Refined sugar in one form or another is found in almost all package foods.  Our bodies are not equipped to handle these large amounts of sugar, and in time become exhausted and degenerate, manifested in a host of diseases.

Natural Sugar Cane is far different than the refined byproducts the food industry uses today.  In its natural state, sugar cane contains all of the minerals required by the body to digest sugar: calcium, phosphorous, chromium, magnesium, cobalt, copper, zinc and manganese.  It also contains Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, niacin iron, and pantothenic acid, which work synergistically with the cane’s fiber and enzymes to nourish the body, and provided a controlled release of glucose into the bloodstream.  By contrast, sugar in its refined forms is devoid of nutrients, so when you eat it, the body is required to pull calcium and other minerals from your bones, teeth and tissues to properly digest it. Bone health is compromised. The minerals that are robbed from the body to deal with sugar are the very minerals that are needed to keep the body’s chemistry (PH/ acid versus alkalinity) in balance. Vitamin supplements help, but as long as you continue eating sugar in its refined forms, this imbalance continues.

Your immune system is your body’s only line of defense against foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria.  It is your white blood cells that have the ability to attack and destroy these invaders.  Nearly all forms of sugar interfere with the ability of white blood cells to perform their job.  Ironically, sugar is in almost every over-the-counter cough syrup, cough drop and flu remedy.

Cancer cells metabolize through a process of fermentation.  Fermentation requires sugar.  When you eat sugar, in its various refined forms, you are actually feeding cancer cells, or encouraging an environment for them to develop.  If you eat refined sugar, and do not make a point of eating lots of foods that are filled with cancer fighting phytochemicals,  you are setting the stage for cancer to develop in your body.  Cancer cannot grow in the presence of an alkaline body chemistry.  Sugar is one of the major contributors to upset body chemistry, creating an acidic, rather than alkaline environment in the body.  A highly acidic body chemistry is the main cause of all diseases, especially cancer.