Lecturer's Biographies

Dick Fortier 

Dick Fortier, NESTA certified Personal Trainer, holds a B. S, Degree in physical education, AAHR Senior Fitness Specialist certification, and additional certificates in knee & hip replacement and balance & fall prevention.  Dick has more than 20 years experience in fitness and education, more recently developing comprehensive exercise programs for seniors and active adults.  He enjoys working with the seasoned athlete as well as physically challenged individual.

Tom Reemtsma

Tom Reemtsma is an ACE certified personal trainer, and AAHRSenior Fitness Specialist.  He has worked with individuals at Glendale Community College Rehabilitation  Gym,  Glendale Adult Center and Bally Total Fitness.  Tomís focus is the senior population. For the past eight years he has been developing exercise programs that address the concerns of the aging body. He has conducted group fitness classes, as well as one-on-one training for active adults.

Jane Fortier 

Jane Fortier, NESTA certified Weight Management Specialist, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor and AAHR Senior Fitness Specialist. She has been working with groups and individuals for the past eight years, in the areas of weight management and exercise.  Jane emphasizes a comprehensive work-out and eating program that targets body fat and changes body composition.

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